February 23

We finally made it out and about today. We needed more "project" supplies. So Gray and I bought some spray bottles to fill with colored water to color the snow. They were a hit!
The snow mountain got bigger today when the snow plow finally made it into the culdesac

There is a great place to go sledding right by our house with a long huge hill that is pretty popular. We called some friends and decided to give it a go this afternoon.

The first run down!

And, he LOVED it!!

Oh my! What a cutie!

And, they're ready

I had to show this picture because Neylan is smiling. Adam thought it would be fine for Neylan to go down backwards, while I went down frontwards. NOT a good idea. Shortly after this picture was taken, we flew off and I rolled over Neylan. He was not happy! He did a face plant in the snow and came up with snot frozen to his face.

The big race down the hill

We quickly learned that Grayson is a daredevil. No fear in him! There were a few little ramps that had been made and he wanted to give them a try. He kept asking to go airborn! Of course we wanted to let him try, but in the back of my mind, I'm planning the fastest route to the hospital! He did it! He got some air and came up laughing and asking to do it again!
And by this point, Neylan was at the top of the hill crying to go home :( After I rolled over him, he went down with Adam and Adam rolled over him. The poor kid took a beating today. Not sure he will want to go sledding again this year.

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