November 30

Today, Joseph Frosty was found leading a parade of vehicles
Tonight, a bunch of girls and I got together to do a "Meaningful Christmas" ornament exchange. We were each assigned a specific ornament and made 24 of that same ornament. Tonight all 24 of us brought our ornaments together and exchanged to get a full set, one ornament for the first 24 days of December. These ornaments tell the whole story from the beginning of time (Alpha and Omega) to the end (the Lamb of God) and correspond to a short devotional designed to do with your kids each day during December. How cool!! We start tomorrow!

While talking to our neighbors recently, Adam was told that "everyone" in the neighborhood puts lights on their house. We've never done that before, so Adam went out, bought lights, and decorated the front of the house today. So far, we are the only house in the culdesac with lights! I'm pleased with it!

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