November 21

We spent the night last night with my best friend from college, who I haven't gotten to see in a year and a half (she arrived in KC 9 hrs after Neylan came home and I haven't seen her since). Her little guy, Eli, is 5 months older than Grayson and these boys had a blast together. Silliness was everywhere!
We had a family photo shoot this morning. We captured lots of cute moments of the boys together and Kristi got lots of fabulous family pictures for us (I'll have to post those later)

This afternoon we drove a little bit further to meet up with my family for a couple days.
The weather is so warm that we had time to play outside. Grayson really wanted to play football with anyone that would play. Granddad was a good sport with Grayson's "football rules"

After dinner the boys made turkey cupcakes

And we ended the night with several rounds of Christmas bingo (we aren't going to be able to get together at Christmas, so we had a lot of holiday activities to squeeze in one trip)


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