June 8

Today was the annual picnic for our adoption agency. We've enjoyed going the past 3 years to see families that we've come to know through the wonderful process of adoption.
Neylan's favorite area of the park was the sand area. He stayed here forever and played

Each year there is a pinata for the kids to take a swing at. This year though, it got Grayson's attention and he decided that a pinata would be a great addition to his upcoming birthday party

And guess who we ran into?! Grace, our friend that we met a couple of years ago who was also fostered by the same mom Neylan was!! Since we met her, we've moved into her neighborhood and these three will be going to the same school next year. It's such a small world! From the same foster home in Seoul, to the same neighborhood and school in America!

After the picnic we went home for quick naps and then headed to our friend, baby Owen's, first birthday party. The boys were thrilled that it was pool and water themed!

What a fun, busy day!!

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