May 18

We are back in Ft. Worth today visiting some good friends for the morning before we hit the road again to finish our drive home. Saturday is donut day at their house, so the kids each got their own bag of donut holes! What a treat. Neylan and Anna were the first two up, so they sat together for their yummy breakfast.

Since we were in Ft. Worth, Adam was interested in taking a tour of the seminary, and since Matia works there, who better than her to show us around. The grounds were beautiful and I was able to get some cute pics of the kids. 


We had a short visit with Christian, Matia, and Anna on our way to San Antonio and on the way home. It was so fun to see them since the last time we saw them, Grayson was an infant. Matia was a good friend from high school and one of our bridesmaids. I'm kicking myself now that she and I didn't get a picture together. The kids were much cuter than we are anyway!

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