May 25

Let's go Royals!!
Today was Faith and Family day at the K and our church decided to make it a big deal. They sold 500 tickets and organized a pre-game tailgate and fun activities for the families to do.
We haven't been to a Royals game since Grayson was just over 1 and Neylan has never been. I'm interested to see how it goes!
They loved the baseball inflatable that they did before the game

Their first tailgate

We made it to our seats! How long will we stay?? Before coming, Grayson said he was so excited to watch baseball because he wanted to learn how to really play.

Well, we made it about 30-45 minutes in our seats and then got restless. So, down to the kids area we went.
Our first stop was to the small kids' baseball field. For $2 the kids could try to hit a few balls, run the bases, and then catch balls in the field. Grayson went first.

He wanted to be pitched to. I think he hit 1 of the 5 that were pitched

And he ran the bases like a pro

Neylan hit off a T and did a great job with that

But, running the bases was another story. He could not figure out where to go, so the lady ran with him to first.

Then she pointed towards 2nd and told him to run, but he didn't get it and started running back to home plate! This picture tells it all- complete confusion after running to first base!

The boys took their gloves and loved fielding the balls

Next, we headed to the playground and water area. I think Grayson thought it was ok to get completely soaked since we just came back from Sea World, where that was ok. So glad I took a change of clothes for him!

And finally, sno cones!!

Overall, they had a great day. We skipped naps today for this and by the end of the game, it really showed (in a very bad meltdown sort of way). So, an early bedtime was had by all tonight!

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