May 23

Today was a day that truly reminded me that I am such a mother of boys!
Grayson asked me to practice basketball with him at 7:30 this morning
And then he decided that his monkey was a little fussy and needed a ride in the backpack to help him calm down

Everyone looks happy now, so it must have worked! The boys were playing "camping" this morning and were loading their backpacks to take with them. Unfortunately, for Grayson he thought that meant that he needed to completely empty every drawer in his dresser and pull every pair of shoes from his closet and then bring it to Neylan's room in order to decided what he needed to pack for his "trip". It took quite a while to clean it all up!

And then we had this incident! We thought that when he did this downstairs before we moved in, that he would have learned his lesson. It's been 9 months since then, so I guess the memory wore off! He did not enjoy me leaving him there for a minute to take a picture and teach him a lesson!

I was pretty exhausted by lunch time!

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