May 24

Cousins Night in KC!!!
We were so excited to have 3 of my cousins stop by for a short visit tonight on their way to Montana. They asked to see some of the city so we did a quick little tour.
We took them to the best BBQ restuarant in town, OK Joes, in the gas station
and then we went for a little driving tour through the Plaza, Crown Center, and downtown

After that adventure, we headed to Adam's favorite ice cream shop for dessert.


I guess Neylan's hands got sticky, so he put his cone down to wipe them

Oops! That wasn't supposed to happen!
They say there's no use crying over spilled milk, but it must be ok to bawl over spilled ice cream!

Life is better now with his sherbert in a cup!
Neylan loved practicing his wink for everyone

Although it was a really short visit, we had a great time seeing each other. It's been since Thanksgiving since we were together. It's so great to have a family that is so close, even as we get older and go our seperate ways

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