July 28

This morning we went to a new park with a splash pad and playground. Grayson is always eager to jump right in and get wet. Neylan, on the other hand, is still not fond of being splashed in the face!

The playground was more his thing since it provided ample opportunities to climb!

While the boys napped this afternoon, several of us went downtown to the Sunsphere. Most of us (including me) had never been to the top, so we rode up and saw these great views of downtown Knoxville.

After dinner we picked blueberries and fished in Uncle Ben's pond

Granddad helped Grayson catch about 5 fish and Grayson caught one all by himself (he threw in the line, got a bite, hooked it, and reeled it in- solo!!)

Neylan even caught a few!

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