September 6

This whole moving process has not been an easy one on a certain 3 year old. The tantrums, fits, and violent behaviors have gotten OUT. OF. CONTROL!! Poor little guy has lost all security and control of his environment and is lashing out on everyone. So, tonight we took a little trip to the store to buy stuff to make a calm down bottle. 1 TBSP glitter glue: 1 cup hot water. (I think it really needs more glue than this though) Add in a couple drops of food coloring and a small tub of glitter and shake it really well.
When a little meltdown starts the bottle can be used to redirect the kids' focus. They are supposed to watch the glitter settle while they collect their thoughts. Becuase of the glue inside, this should take 4-5 minutes. I bet we have to use it soon!

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