August 18

Today was  a big day for all of the boys in our house!

After church we headed to the boys' preschool, which is where I work, to the annual ice cream social. Grayson woke up this morning and said, "I'm getting a little nervous about preschool". I'm so glad he was able to verbalize it and I'm so glad we had the opportunity to go this afternoon to meet his teacher, see his classroom, and get a bit more familiar with the building before school starts on Tuesday. 

Neylan met his teacher, Miss Molly. He needed to go potty when he was in his class and was SO excited to discover that the potty and sink were just his size!!

Grayson's teacher, Miss Jamie

cake and ice cream!

This helped decrease the anxiety significantly! I think they are excited to come back this week. We could hardly get them to leave

We had a short hour or so before our next big event of the day- the volleyball tournament for Adam's team that he has been playing with all summer.

We ended up being at the park all night long because his team kept winning!

After 3 long matches or games (or whatever you call it in volleyball) his team WON the championship!!

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