November 16

With only 2 weekends left before our Thanksgiving company arrives we need to get some yard work done. Adam climbed up on the roof to check out the gutters and see how full of leaves they were. He got up there and then said, "I don't see this ending well!" So I ran to get the camera and the phone in case I needed to call 911!

While Adam worked on the roof, I raked some leaves, only to have the bags dumped out on the sidewalk so someone could ride their scooter through the pile. 

Abby's family is coming home today and I think she knows it! While we worked in the yard, she perched herself in between the sidewalk and the street to watch all of the cars pass by, probably hoping one would come to rescue her from our craziness!

Grayson really wanted to help, so Adam let him climb a few steps on the ladder and clean out some leaves. He was pretty thrilled!

It was a long day, so dinner out at Steak n' Shake was it!

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