November 12

We had an insane weekend so this morning Grayson asked if we could just stay home and play in our jammies all day! Sometimes I don't realize how much our busy lifestyle affects the kids until they begin asking to just stay home. So, that's what we did. All day!
We had breakfast with hot apple cider in Christmas mugs (this was the first time I have given them breakable mugs to drink from and the pictures I got are priceless. Some of my new favorites!)
Grayson made his own breakfast
Later this afternoon, Grayson finally asked to make his pirate pumpkin that we have been asking him to make since October. Now that Halloween is over, he's ready to make it!

We had a great day at home. Lots of good, quality mommy time was had today. We played every single board game we own, played baseball outside, took naps, did our pumpkin, and was reminded that we often need to slow down a bit to really enjoy each other's company!

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