October 20

The weather forecast looked absolutely beautiful today, so we took another trip to the zoo as a family!
Our zoo is so big and spread out that you can go several times and not see the same things twice. So, today we did a new section that we haven't done before.

We've heard great things about the bird show that the zoo does everyday, so decided to check it out today. The zoo-keeper asked for a volunteer at one point and Grayson was the only one who raised his hand! He didn't know he was volunteering to sit on this stump while the owl flew right over his head. He really liked it and commented about how he was "so brave"!

There were so many great kids activities today. Today's craft was making spider hats

They also had a hay ride,

 a pirate ship and plank to practice walking on,

and a huge picture to paint

We had a great family day and by 2:00 this little guy was done!

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