April 11

It's time to break some bad routines!! Grayson started asking me to lay down with him when Adam started working so many hours in the winter. Since I was so tired, I gave in and agreed to lay for about 3 minutes. Well, an hour or two later, I would wake up and leave. And now, it's become a horrible habit that is going to be hard to break. But, it has to be done!
So, I finally came up with an idea I want to try. I decided I would make a sticker chart and offer an incentive for 10 stickers. He has to lay by himself to fall asleep and stay in bed all night to get a sticker. He was pretty excited about the deal when I explained it to him.  
I told him that with 10 stickers we could go out for ice cream or to dinner. He decided he wanted a prize instead and quickly decided that he wanted an umbrella!! A Batman umbrella to be exact! I hope this incentive works

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