October 15

When we woke up this morning and saw that the forecast was 75 degrees and sunny, I decided it was a great day for the zoo! And since we haven't used our passes since we bought them, it made it an even better day to go! So, the boys and I had a little field trip.
Nikita, the polar bear, is always fun to watch. They enjoyed watching him play with his toy barrel so much that we had to go see him twice!
There was a very small crowd today so we were able to hop right on the carousel and go for a spin

Grayson has been watching the Jungle Book so much lately that the animal he wanted to see the most was the lions. This one was the only one awake at the time we went by.

Who needs a double stroller when you can just ride like this? They actually did a LOT of walking and running, which made for a nice long nap when we got home!

Did I mention how gorgeous the weather was today?

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