September 20

Today was a busy day to say the least!
 Renew for moms kicked off a new year this morning. I am so glad the get this back into our routine every other Thursday morning. And we made a fun craft this morning- a giant paperclip that stands up to hold pictures, notes, etc.
Our closing did happen today! After Renew I ran the boys to daycare to take naps there so Adam and I could go sign our paperwork and make this beautiful home officially ours!

After the closing, I ran by the house to drop a few things off and the wonderful family I mentioned yesterday left us this note, a beautiful yellow mum, and a laundry basket full of housewarming goodies! I cannot speak more highly of this family. God has truly blessed us in buying this house from them. And since they only moved 1.5 miles away, we may run into them periodically!

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