February 26

We woke to another 8 inches of snow this morning. This time it stuck to the trees and made a real winter wonderland.
We played inside early this morning. We pulled out the pom poms and sorted them by color in muffin tins, with chopsticks. What a great fine motor activity!

Soon, the neighbor appeared and the boys couldn't get outside fast enough

The loved spraying the snow with our colored spray bottles. What a masterpiece

And then our neighbor brought out popcorn! Neylan was thrilled!

After naps, we went back to the big hill for more sledding fun with friends

At any given time there are at least 100 people sledding down this huge hill

Grayson and Brayden having a blast! This time Neylan stayed at the top of the hill making snow balls and eating snow. We couldn't  convince him for anything that he should try sledding again.

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