March 24

Well, our glimmer of spring was short lived! We are at home this morning because we have 6.5 more inches of snow on the ground. Adam had to go to church this morning, but after I found out he had to get there with his 4 wheel drive, I wasn't about to venture out with the boys by myself.
So, we put together and played with a new train set,
admired the beautiful winter scene,

got a little creative with breakfast,

played outside,

Grayson to Neylan: "Hey Neylan, let's hug in the snow!"
Mommy: "Great idea!" (I'm so glad I have my camera ready)

and made a pirate sail for Grayon's room!
(When I get his room cleaned, I'll take more pictures to show off the whole theme)
It's taken us a little while to get used to having Adam back around at night, but the boys are slowly warming back up to him (thankfully!)

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