August 3

It's our last day in TN. We've had a great trip, but we need one more little adventure. 

We decided we needed one more morning/afternoon at the lake. This little incident was not in that plan! While hooking the boat up, Dad ran over one of the carseats! Oops!! We raised the truck up and were able to slide the carseat out without causing any damage to it. Only a slight delay.

It appears Neylan still feels the same way about the lake!

Definitely not the best picture, but I love the way Neylan rode up and down the lake every time we started going fast. He asked Granddad multiple times to "drive swowly", but everyone else wanted to go faster than 3 mph!

The adventurous one!

Now, Neylan is comfortable

We spent some time at the playground before heading home

The butterflies were abundant today on the butterfly bushes

This afternoon we packed up and started our journey home. We only made it 3 hours down the road and stopped for one of my very best friend's baby showers. Kristi and I have been friends since college and it's so fun to have her living back in America, so we can see each other more than once a year. 

Grayson wanted so badly to help Eli open his presents

Neylan tried really hard to play ping pong

We are spending the night with more family tonight and then will hit the road in the morning for KC!!

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