July 24

This morning we set out on an adventure! We went on our first safari. There weren't many people there when we arrived so as soon as we drove through the gate, the animals were ready for us to start feeding them. We didn't really know what to expect ourselves, so we didn't prepare the boys. Neylan was a bit shocked when a zebra popped his head in the window immediately!

And then sheer terror took over!! We are not starting this adventure off on the right foot with Neylan!

These zebras sure are social creatures. . . and hungry!

We were able to get Neylan calmed down when we took him out of his seat and put him on the console in the front. He did great after that

There's nothing you can do, but stop, when you see this thing walking toward you

Grayson did a great job feeding the animals. The baby animals were his favorite

Why, Hello!

After our 3 mile journey around the safari, we got out to explore the petting area. There were turtles, camels, bunnies, chickens, goats, and pigs.

It's a nice day for a mud bath

If you are ever in east TN and want an adventure, you should check out Circle G Ranch in Strawberry Plains! We had a blast. 

After that we headed to the "fish store", Bass Pro Shop, for lunch a some shopping. The boys picked out new hats and binoculars for more adventures. 

Tonight we had dinner at Mimi and Papa's house. We got to meet some new friends and these four were instant friends!

And it wouldn't be a night at Mimi's house without playing "submarine" on the steps

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