October 19

Ready to run the KC Marathon! It's a very chilly morning, 34 degrees at the start. I'm running the 6 mile leg of the relay with some girlfriends and some guys from church have another team.

I was "lucky" enough to have the first leg of the race, which had 2 killer hills. The first was the hill to come up to Liberty Memorial. It was rough, so I took this picture when I made it to the top!

The boys found a spot outside of their school to cheer me on

Adam said I needed to stop to give them high fives! He said several other runners had come by and gave them high fives too, so they didn't want me to leave them out. It was great to see them at the start of mile 4 after the two monster hills were done!

When I stopped at the boys, they didn't say anything or want to give me a high five. Adam said after I took off again, Neylan turned around and said, "We forgot to say, Go Mommy, Go!!" 

All bundled up! They talked Daddy into taking them to Wendy's for breakfast after I went by. 

Whew! I did it!

We found Kate at the finish line! After waiting on a bus after my leg to get back to the finish line for a while while your body does what it's supposed to by cooling you off after sweating a bunch and then stepping back out into the cold, it was freezing! Thank goodness for a heat sheet. With that wrapped around me in the sunshine, I finally warmed back up. Adam said my lips were purple when I got to the finish line

The boys beat us!

The girls crossed 10 minutes later

Both teams!

The girls minus one. We all had a great time and are looking forward to next year!

This afternoon we had our neighborhood Octoberfest. This is the view we get to see everyday as we walk to the park or drive down the street. Our trees are so beautiful!

We stood in line forever to get faces painted!

Grayson, Neylan, and Sophie (our neighbor) 

After our race, Matt and I were starving tonight. We decided on a delicious breakfast dinner!

Matt said we needed to carb back up! I think between pancakes, french toast, eggs, hashbrowns, and bacon, I think I got enough carbs back in me to last a week!

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