September 14

Happy Chusok!

This weekend is the harvest festival (or Thanksgiving) in Korea. For the last few years, we have been going to the KC Korean-American Society's Chusok festival. They put on a great party and we have so much fun catching up with our adoption friends. 

A traditional Korean activity is the jumping boards. They look like a see-saw that you stand on. The object is that one person jumps, making the other person fly up in the air. When that person comes down the other person is supposed to pop up in the air. I hear it takes quite a bit of balance and is not easy. But Grayson really wanted to give it a try. 

He actually did pretty good!

We got to watch the TKD demo, which was pretty fun to see

The meal is always tasty! It's Thanksgiving dinner in September!

What a fun afternoon celebrating a holiday that is really big and important in Korea. I'm so glad we have opportunities like this to infuse the culture a little bit and stay connected to the wonderful country Neylan came from. 

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