December 24

 Christmas Eve! 

Again, a day unlike any other Christmas Eve, but so much fun (for some of us)

The boys opened wood pieces last night to make a tool box and a bird house, so this morning Granddad helped them put it all together. 

Adam spent the morning waiting at the minute clinic to get a positive strep throat diagnosis (that part of the day was pretty much like many other Christmas Eve's for Adam)

We opened a few more presents

And then went to Bass Pro Shop for our one picture with Santa for the year

It was a huge success!! I'm not sure why Neylan was so upset, but he was not excited to sit on Santa's lap this year.

After dinner we went to an amazing light show; again very different than the usual Christmas Eve service we go to!

Our last day with Joseph Frosty for the year. He's just hanging out watching everything unfold so he can make the most accurate report to Santa

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