December 25

Merry Christmas!!

This is the morning we have been waiting for for weeks. Santa came this morning and brought lots of surprises!

The one and only thing Neylan asked Santa for this year was a Buzz and Woody camera. Santa fulfilled his request and he was one happy boy!

And then they found a letter that Santa left them. It led them on a scavenger hunt for some pretty cool stuff. 

Each clue led them to a new room of the house with a gift that contained something Disney related in it. 

After five clues, they brought all of their stuff back and laid it out to see if they could figure out what the theme was. Grayson figured it out. We then read them a letter telling them that the rest of their Christmas present was going to be going to Disney World for New Years! Their reaction was less than exciting. I don't think it sunk in. 

After the big announcement, we made a Disney themed breakfast!

Maybe the excitement is building!

After breakfast, Adam and I had another special announcement to make!! We shocked everyone!

Christmas night is always spent at Mimi and Papa's house. Today was also a big day of announcements for Adam's brother, who got engaged this morning. Grayson and Neylan now have instant cousins!

And more Disney themed gifts!

What a fun, busy day!!
Merry Christmas everyone

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