September 6

The weather was perfect today, so we went outside after dinner. We drove to a neighborhood park to feed the ducks and play on the playground.

Ducks can be a bit fiesty if not fed fast enough. Both boys got their fingers nipped becuase they didn't release their bread on time.

Once the bread ran out, we were off to the playground. This adapted swing is the perfect size for two. Think they had fun?!

There were a few hot air balloons out tonight. We pointed them out to Grayson and talked about how they were not scary, but nice. His heart was pounding out of his chest, but he didn't hide or run away. He just kept on playing or riding. Whew! Thank goodness

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  1. is he scared of balloons? my dad was, too. his sisters tied them to his bdrm doorknob to keep him away from them. not nice....but funny now.