December 24

Finished up our drive home in the rain this morning while Joseph Frosty watched the kids from the rearview mirror
My mom had both knees replaced less than a week ago, so she isn't up to coming to the table yet, so we brought dinner to her

One of Neylan's first gifts he opened was a new pair of Toy Story jammies. He was so excited that he immediately stripped down and put them on!

And then another exciting gift- his own miniature shovel!

Sugar break!

Grayson's favorite gift of the night was a remote controlled car

The sickness/colds started with me, moved to the boys, and has now hit Adam. He decided to take some Benadryl this afternoon and has barely been able to stay awake since! He was not the life of the party tonight

The boys were so excited about certain presents that they just couldn't finish opening the rest of their gifts tonight. They just wanted to play with what they had already opened. So, I guess we'll continue tomorrow

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