January 5

There is still snow on the ground from a storm that came through on Monday, so the boys wanted to go play. The snow is icy enough now to make a little snowman.
He's not very impressive, but has a carrot nose, skittles for eye and buttons, and stick arms, and Grayson was quite proud of him!

Snow ball fight!

We only have snow left on half of our yard, so we had to stay on that side to really play

My mom got Neylan a fish tank for Christmas, so tonight we got it all set up and went to the pet store to pick out our first pets. We splurged and for two 13 cent goldfish! No sense investing big if this isn't going to work out, right!

Grayson picked out an orange and black one and named him Squirrel. Neylan picked out a solid orange one and named him Light. Now, from what I can tell, their names don't quite resemble their appearance, like most pets, but we're amatuers at this! We'll see if they make it until tomorrow!

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