December 25

Merry Christmas!
Santa was able to find the boys in TN since Joseph Frosty came along to make sure Santa knew!
Neylan was pretty excited about the flashlight he found in his stocking

Grayson got a pirate outfit to dress up in

After Santa's gifts were opened and breakfast was done, things started getting crazy! After several of us had gotten showers, the septic tank began backing up into the house (which has never happened before), spilling sewage all over the basement and bringing the nice aroma of c#@p throughout the house! That halted the lunch plans with my Dad, the chef, so I stepped in to make dishes I had never done before, without running water!! I was able to get lunch back on track while Dad took care of the mess in the basement. Right before we sat down to eat, several neighbors came by to check on my mom and were invited to stay for lunch. My mom still wasn't feeling great, so we carried the dining room table into the living room to have Christmas lunch together.

As soon as everyone was done eating, Dad and Ben were out the door to try to figure out how to fix the septic tank problem.

Fortunately, my dad has some connections and knew exactly who to call on Christmas to step him through the process until someone could come out to pump it.

After the boys napped, they decided they might be interested in opening the rest of their gifts that they couldn't get motivated to do last night. Neylan got a remote controlled car just like Grayson's

And then we were off to the Foster's for the evening and our traditional Christmas dinner
Grayson and Uncle Jason

Uncle Nick and Aunt Kasey

Uncle Dick and Grand Nan

And of course, more presents!

Neylan and Mimi

It was a Christmas like none other and one we would probably not want to repeat, but we now have a memory we may laugh about one day!

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