January 18

Thanking God for his protection today after my little "run-in" with a flying object on the interstate! It was REALLY windy today and stuff was flying all over the place. As I was driving at least 70 mph, I saw something brown, thin, and rectangular flying around on the road. It looked pretty light and flimsy, like cardboard, so I just stayed where I was. Everyone else seemed to be driving over it just fine. When the car in front of me drove over it, it flew up and came straight at my windshield. And I quickly realized it wasn't cardboard. It must have been a big piece of wood. It did a bit of damage! Besides this damage, it scraped my hood and broke a seal under my hood. So thankful it hit on the passenger side, didn't come all the way through, and that I was by myself. I traded cars with Adam as soon as I could so I wouldn't have to drive with the boys in this car.

We had a nice night watching the basketball games tonight. After Grayson's frequent trips to the concession stand last week, I decided to give them an allowance for food. I got a $10 roll of quarters and found a little change purse for each of them. When they wanted something to eat, they would ask me how much it cost and then count their quarters to see if they had enough. It worked well. I might have to hit the bank every Friday night!

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