April 28

It's Trolley Run morning!! The 25th annual. My parents and brother came to town to run/walk and help me with the boys.

Waiting with 10,000 others at the start line

Ben ran and pushed the boys in the stroller

Dad finished with a good time, despite his knees bothering him for half of the race

And my mom finished with a good time after having both knees replaced in December!! The Trolley Run was her big goal that she worked hard for. So proud she did it!

Grayson was so excited about today. But when it came time for his race, he was NOT ready at all. He was tired from being woken up so early. I like this picture. Neylan took off and then turned back to see why Grayson wasn't running very fast!

He's a winner!

They loved all of the activities at the kids' race

sand art for Mother's Day

Face painting
(He's a dog, if you can't tell!)

Exercise equipment

And a giant hamster ball. This was Grayson's favorite. He really did a good job making it go across the grass

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