May 13

After a long afternoon and evening of driving yesterday and a few more hours of driving this morning, we are at our destination- San Antonio!!
We didn't waste any time once we got here. We quickly unloaded and were back out the door to go exploring. Our hotel was within walking distance of the famous Riverwalk, so that's where we spent the evening.
There are lots of restaurants along the Riverwalk

We had heard that we needed to take a boat ride through the river and that the kids would love it

It was a 55 minute ride (right at dinner, which wasn't the best planning on our part) and it took us by so many neat places. Our guide was really good and pointed out many historical landmarks and neat facts about the area
The county courthouse at night. I think I just thought it was pic-worthy since it looked so pretty all lit up and was just a block or two from our hotel.

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