May 9

 The new camera is here!! This was my first picture. Obviously, I need to add the flash. Anyway, today I took on the task of closet change-out! What a chore!! I spent all morning packing up clothes, hanging up new clothes, organizing winter clothes, moving boxes, ect. We have a pretty nice set-up with our two that make this a bit easier. I just pack Neylan's things up and move Grayson's old clothes into Neylan's room for him to wear next season. I can't imagine what moms of multiple kids, not close in age, and of different genders go through. Batman came around a few times to help today


While we were working, I put on the Veggie Tales children's channel on Pandora for us to jam to. We were doing good listening to our kids praise songs and Veggie Tales music, and then all of a sudden, Gangnam Style came on! No complaints here though!!

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