May 14

We spent this morning at the Children's Museum. We have found that we like to visit the different museums in different cities when we travel.

Although the boys had a great time, this children's museum wasn't near as good as the one in St. Louis we visited in January.

We were invited to dinner tonight at Rainforest Cafe with some friends. We knew this would be such a treat for the boys since they had never been before. Grayson was so intrigued with all of the animals and the scavenger hunt he could take while waiting on his food. Neylan, on the other hand, was not so enthused. Every half hour a thunderstorm would come through the restaurant and the lights would flash and it would thunder. It scared Neylan so much that he kept asking to leave and go back to the hotel. Oh well!
The last item on the scavenger hunt list was to find a volcano. We found it! At the very end of our meal!!

This guy is glad to be out of the restaurant and in the safety of his stroller

Grayson loved having dinner with bigger, older boys (6 & 8). The resturant was on the riverwalk, so after dinner we walked around some more

The friendship statue that was given to San Antonio by Mexico in 2002

Beautiful and quaint

Grayson thought he was pretty cool stuff with these big boys around!


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